4-6 April 2023 / Nijmegen, the Netherlands

The transition towards sustainable pharmaceuticals – assessing sustainability from design & production to prescription & use


The IHI- & EU-funded research projects PREMIER and TransPharm are organising a joint workshop. The workshop is invitation-only.

We encourage interested parties to submit abstracts for platform and/or poster presentations related to the topics outlined in the programme below. You can submit your abstract before December 15, 2022 by emailing the below information to workshop@imi-premier.eu.

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Overview of programme


Day 1, Tuesday April 4 / 12:00 (lunch) – 18:00

Moving towards the design of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with less impact on the environment after use

Target audience: drug R&D experts, environmental experts and stakeholders.

We will present some of the results of the PREMIER project, as well as examples from other regulatory frameworks for chemicals where Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) is applied. In an interactive session, we will discuss what is needed to design greener active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Day 2, Wednesday April 5 / 9:00 – 12:30

Environmental criteria for active pharmaceutical ingredients to reduce their impact after use

Target audience: drug R&D experts, environmental experts and stakeholders.

After their use, active pharmaceutical ingredients and their metabolites enter the environment. During this session, we will explore which criteria should be considered when designing new APIs or when assessing the impact of existing APIs.


Day 2, Wednesday April 5 / afternoon

Parallel session 1 ( 13:30 – 15:30): Implementation of environmental criteria in drug discovery and design

Target audience: drug discovery experts, PREMIER working group

This will be an interactive session with a smaller group, integrating the topics that were discussed and presented in the earlier two sessions. The results of this session will feed into the final PREMIER report on the design of green APIs. After the session, there will be drinks and bites.


Parallel session 2 (13:30 – 17:30): Criteria for greener production of pharmaceutical products

Target audience: drug development experts, LCA experts, stakeholders and environmental experts.

During this session, presenters will focus on criteria to determine the sustainability of pharmaceutical products. This includes an overview of the life cycle assessment of pharmaceutical products, based on production differences between APIs but also between products with the same API. Presentations will focus on all types of criteria, ranging from carbon footprints and product mass intensities, to ethical considerations around production locations.


Day 2, Wednesday April 5 / 21:00 – 22:30

Serious Game on Safe and Sustainable by Design

For those interested, we will play a serious game on SSbD. Within the TransPharm project, we intend to change this game to focus it on pharmaceuticals. All input appreciated!


Day 3, Thursday April 6 / 9:00 – 16:00

Sustainability assessment of pharmaceutical products

Target audience: wide stakeholder group from all phases in the pharmaceutical chain from development to use and waste and environmental experts.

After a short overview of the findings of day 2 on criteria for active ingredients and for products (for those not present on day 2), we will have an interactive meeting with stakeholders and experts to discuss the possibilities of assessing sustainability of pharmaceutical products. We aim to identify the users of an assessment system, what the goal of the assessment should be, which criteria matter, how an assessment system should be translated into clear results or visuals, and other relevant aspects.