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OECD guidelines: Setting the standard for chemical safety testing in ecotoxicological research

By Alice Marshall, PhD researcher in Environmental Toxicology at University of York & contributor of PREMIER WP2.1; and Caroline Moermond, Sr Policy Advisor at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), lead of PREMIER WP4 and contributor of WP3. With the continuous development of new and existing pharmaceuticals, investigation into the environmental legacy […]

PREMIER Call for Data: data sources for the prioritization of APIs

One of the aims of the PREMIER project is to develop a framework to prioritise the environmental assessment of existing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). The prioritisation of APIs will follow a risk-based approach, where the predicted exposure concentration (PEC) is combined with an effect-based threshold (ETH), often represented by the Predicted No-Effect Concentration (PNEC). We […]

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board: Interview with Gerd Maack

Gerd Maack works at the German Environment Agency in the unit Environmental Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals. In this function he assesses the Environmental Risk Assessment of new pharmaceutical applications of Human and Veterinary Medicinal Products, often in close co-operation with other national competent authorities and also the European Medicinal Agency (EMA). He also serves as a […]

PREMIER aims to work synergistically with the main EU initiatives promoting environmental protection

The European Green week this year focuses on the EU ‘zero pollution ambition´ to promote a toxic-free environment. PREMIER aligns and contributes to the main European actions under the EU green deal which provides a legal framework for regulatory risk assessment requirements of pharmaceuticals. This year The European Green Week is held from the 31th […]

What are the needs of stakeholders regarding the environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals? Participate in our Survey!

The survey “Stakeholder needs and requirements regarding the environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals” is now online until the 19 July 2021!! If your work deals in some regard with pharmaceuticals in the environment, we would appreciate you taking some time (approx. 20-30 minutes) to let us know your organisation’s data and guidance needs. This way […]

The innovative PREMIER database: creating a robust architecture to deliver consistent environmental data to the community

The PREMIER project will deliver a novel database and digital assessment system (DAS) for characterising the environmental risks of medicines and making environmental data more visible and accessible to industry, academia, regulators and the public. By making this valuable knowledge available to the community, we will contribute to the responsible use of medicines. The PREMIER […]

PREMIER welcomes its Scientific Advisory Board

The PREMIER project started on 1st Sep 2020 with the objective to achieve a more sustainable future by proactively managing the environmental impact of medicines. We are delighted to announce that we have recently formed our new Scientific Advisory Board which is composed of renowned experts in the field who are not project partners. They will provide valuable […]