The survey “Stakeholder needs and requirements regarding the environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals” is now online until the 19 July 2021!!

If your work deals in some regard with pharmaceuticals in the environment, we would appreciate you taking some time (approx. 20-30 minutes) to let us know your organisation’s data and guidance needs. This way we ensure that PREMIER’s project outputs are as relevant as possible for the stakeholders that will use them in the future

The survey maps stakeholder needs on the topic of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (PIE), and is carried out in the context of the research project PREMIER. We would be thankful if you could complete this survey if you work in the area of PiE, and if you would circulate the survey link (or this article) within your networks!!!


Why this survey?

PREMIER strives to ensure that stakeholders requirements are taken up in its products and outcomes, by means of a transparent and stakeholder-driven strategy. This survey is part of PREMIER’s activities to understand:

  1. stakeholder needs regarding data and data tools in the area of PIE, and
  2. stakeholder interest in (non-regulatory) guidance on the topic.

The consortium will strive to include aspects and features that address these needs in the PREMIER outputs, and will select the most relevant topics for guidance to be developed.


What are the PREMIER outputs relevant to stakeholders?

The two key data products to be developed in PREMIER are:

  • a transparent, publicly and easily accessible database on the occurrence, fate and effects of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in aquatic and terrestrial systems, also including data on API properties and pharmacology
  • a digital assessment system (DAS), which integrates decision trees, exposure and effect tools, and the above-mentioned database into an information and assessment system on APIs for use by diverse stakeholder groups

In addition, PREMIER will produce (non-regulatory) guidances on topics related to PIE. These guidances can cover a number of possible topics, such as the approaches to quality-assess data, the state-of-play regarding Modes of Action, or the estimation of mixture effects.


What does this survey do?

The survey aims to map stakeholder needs related to these outputs, by asking them questions regarding:

  1. their data needs
  2. their needs regarding the functionality of data tools
  3. their interest in non-regulatory, scientific and technical guidance related to PIE.

Thank you!