PREMIER held its 6th General Assembly Meeting (GAM) virtually in two afternoon sessions. In the meeting, project partners and scientific advisory board members discussed the project’s achievements and upcoming challenges.

On the first day, the focus was on integration and collaboration between the PREMIER work packages. An introductory presentation was followed by breakout groups working on how to achieve more coherence on different topics. The objective was to look at how the data and tools in the Database and Assessment System (DAS) can be integrated in different workflows to facilitate use by stakeholders. This helps to understand interconnections within the project. 

The following topics were discussed: 

  • Environmental Risk Assessment according to the EMA guideline 
  • Prioritisation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) based on aquatic risks 
  • Aquatic Risk Assessment of APIs 
  • Screening/prioritisation of APIs based on terrestrial risks and secondary poisoning potential 
  • Location-specific Risk Assessment, Hotspot identification & Mixtures
  • Benign-by-design (guiding the R&D process) 

On the second day, an overview of work in various work packages (WPs) was provided. WP1 focused on the initial risk assessments and the progress regarding the subcontracting of tests for the case study compounds. Partners from WP2.1 presented read-across models to predict biodegradation half-lives from sludge studies and QSBR models to predict biotransformation half-lives from structure​. (For more details on read-across models please read the following article here.) WP3 centred on productive discussions on relevance criteria for literature data. The PREMIER participants and scientific advisory board look forward to our next (7th) face – to – face GAM in September 2023.