SAB formation

The PREMIER project started on 1st Sep 2020 with the objective to achieve a more sustainable future by proactively managing the environmental impact of medicines. We are delighted to announce that we have recently formed our new Scientific Advisory Board which is composed of renowned experts in the field who are not project partners. They will provide valuable independent scientific advice throughout the duration of the project.

In PREMIER we will design a novel information and assessment system for identifying and addressing environmental risks of medicines as well as decision trees for prioritisation of medicines. Our aim is that the PREMIER products will be useful to all the relevant stakeholders who could benefit from them. In order to identify any relevant issues and requirements that could be addressed by the PREMIER products, we have included in our governance structure a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

The advisors are devoted to providing the project with strategic, scientific and technical advice. As key stakeholders the PREMIER partners will receive their views and input, upholding and optimising the level of scientific excellence and stimulating dissemination of the project results. This will be carried out via annual meetings and attendance to specific workshops. Advisors will also be invited to participate in the independent review of deliverables.

Our SAB is composed by a variety of experts in fields ranging from aquatic and soil ecotoxicology to environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals which will be important across all work packages (WP). We will count on experts in the field of chemoinformatics, machine learning and software engineering whose advice will be very valuable for WP3. WP4 will also be supported by the SAB experts in water quality, waste water treatment and green chemistry. We are also glad to have advisors in fish physiology and comparative physiology whose expertise will greatly contribute to WP2 and support the ethical review of any fish studies. Regulatory aspects and European law in pharmaceuticals will be also covered to give support to WP1 and WP4.