This is the second scientific publication in PREMIER and represents a clear example of the success of this public-private partnership. The work has been published in Environmental, Scientific and Technology Letters and it was authored by public partners at RIVM, Leuphana University and the University of Exeter and industry partners AstraZeneca and GSK. Due to its broad impact and interest to many stakeholders, the article was selected as ACS editor’s choice. This really is a highlight as ACS only selects one paper each day from 60.000 articles published each year.

The study proposes a GREENER approach to identify and meet environmental criteria for the development of medicines. The paper also discusses the feasibility of including these criteria in the process of drug discovery and development and starts the discussion on future innovative tools and assays that can help progress this field.

The GREENER-criteria stand for:

GGood practice for patients
RReduced off-target effects, high specificity
EExposure reduction via less emissions
EEnvironmental (bio)degradability
NNo PBT (persistent, bioaccumulative as well as toxic) properties
EEffects reduction: avoid undesirable moieties
RRisk and hazard mitigation


The PREMIER consortium aims at further developing the GREENER concept and the tools and models proposed in the paper.

Read the full publication here.