The PREMIER project held its 3rd General Assembly Meeting (GAM) in a virtual setting which coincided with the beginning of the second year of our project. The event was organised in three afternoons where partners and scientific advisory board members were able to discuss and reflect on the project achievements as well as upcoming challenges.

On the first day, the keynote speaker, Michaël Bentvelsen gave an insightful talk on the water sector perspective on residues of pharmaceuticals present in our surface water and drinking water sources. He also introduced us to some related policy initiatives on the national and European level that aim at tackling this issue. Finally, he helped us understanding the expectations that the water sector may have from PREMIER accompanied by very constructive feedback on aspects we could improve or address in PREMIER.

As part of the second day, a series of short science presentations led mainly by PhD candidates and postdocs were held. Topics covered ranged from the prioritisation of pharmaceuticals, kinetic models for fish, drug targets in aquatic species, behavioural responses in zebrafish to 3D fish cultures. This session highlighted how talented the early-career researchers in PREMIER are as well how a multi-disciplinary team spread across various European countries can work together to bring this project forward.

The SAB members were invited to participate during the whole GAM and towards the end of the last day, a session dedicated to discussing and gathering their feedback took place. The SAB members were invited to reflect upon the PREMIER results and progress presented during the three-day meeting. Their feedback was focused on the positive aspects and areas they were excited about, but also on the parts of the project which could be improved and challenges they could detect or foresee. Finally, we asked them to make a recommendation on how to address these challenges. PREMIER is currently working towards taking their valuable feedback onboard.