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Share your environmental risk assessment (ERA) data & testing tips on active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to help us build the world’s leading publicly available repository on ERA data for pharmaceuticals.

PREMIER is currently collecting ERA data on APIs from a wide range of sources, e.g. industry partners, regulatory agencies and public literature. We will furthermore be prioritising 25 data-poor case study APIs that will be tested for relevant environmental properties such as ecotoxicity, partitioning (soil, sediment, sludge, octanol/water, etc.), degradation (water, sludge, soil, WWTP) and bioaccumulation (fish, worms).

Do you have ERA data on APIs or do you know valuable data sources? Let us know! Together, we can build a better database, benefitting all stakeholders! Sharing data will avoid double-testing, reduce animal testing and ensure as complete a database as possible.

Do you intend to test APIs for ERA properties? Let us know! Together, we can optimize API testing, e.g. by checking our database for available data and taking your testing initiatives into account when we select our 25 case study APIs.

Do you have tips for API testing? Let us know! We are happy to take your tips & suggestions into account when we select our 25 case study APIs!